Memorandum of Cooperation signed between Secondary elementary technical school "Gorgji Naumov" and "Unlimited Coders" Ltd Bitola

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Today is a significant day for the secondary vocational education in Bitola, and especially for SETS "Gjorgi Naumov", because today the acting The Director of SETS "Gjorgi Naumov" Bitola, Dr. Zhaneta Cervini, and the Director of "Unlimited Coders" Ltd. Bitola, Blagojce Taleski, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, which has established a long-term professional, educational and applied cooperation between the Technical School from Bitola and this successful computer company. With that, the first step towards opening a new dual class with an increased number of lessons of practical teaching for the electrical technician profile for computer technology and automation has been made. In the next period, three more similar memorandum will be signed with software companies.


This is a win-win combination. By signing the memorandum, the companies invest in young people, but they also invest in their future, because they will have the opportunity to prospectively recruit and select quality personnel, with solid professional knowledge, but at the same time ready to work in a team and to develop software projects.

We established the cooperation with "Unlimited Coders" Ltd. Bitola last year, when a group of our solid students, under the mentorship of Professor Jani Cervini, realized practical teaching on the subject Learning through work in this company. With such activities, we expect to make a contribution to the retention of young people in the country and in our city and to create conditions for the creation of educated personnel from this valued and most expensively paid profession, who will be immediately ready to meet the demands of the labor market.




Mare N. Joshevska
  • 8 Min. Read

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