3rd of June - World International Bicycle Day

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3rd of June - World International Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day draws attention to the benefits of using the bicycle — a simple, affordable, clean and environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation. When the weather conditions are allowing us to useourbicycles, our colleagues are on their wheels to their destinations.Why?There are few solid reasons worth mentioning:



1.The bicycle contributes to cleaner air, less congestion and makes education, health care and other social services more accessible to the most vulnerable populations.

  1. The bicycle itself is a traditionand a healthy habit.
  2. Bikes do less damage to road surfaces than cars.
  3.  Bicycles produce no meaningful pollution.

5.You can store a dozen bicycles in a single automobile-sized parking place.



  1. Using a bike for transportation can help you lose unwanted weight and improve your overall health.

7. Bicycles provide mobility for those who may not be able toafford to drive.

8. Studies show that bicycle commuters are healthier, more productive, and require less time off at work.

9. Bicycles can be ridden by people of nearly all ages. I have personally seen bike riders from toddlers to age 90+.

10. Bicycles encourage human interaction, communication, and connectivity.

We found ourselves in all the sentences above,and we are celebrating this day, with a warm recommendation to all people out there: bicycling is a big part of the future! It has to be! And never gets old…

Mare N. Joshevska
  • 8 Min. Read

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